(BTC) Bitcoin - Faucets

3/3 +Cointiply.comRegister60TaskBlockchainBTCOne of the best task platform. Many offer walls, Pay-to-Click (PTC), bonuses and opportunities to make money.
3/3AdBTC.topRegister0TaskBlockchain-ExpressCrypto-FaucetPayBTCGreat Pay-to-Click (PTC) website. Fast revenue.
3/3Bagi.co.inClaim link60ClassicFaucetPayBTC-
3/3BitcoinMania.gameRegister1440GameBlockchainBTCDaily claims, games and investment platform for a virtual mining simulator.
3/3BitKing.bizRegister60FaucetBlockchainBTCFaucet, multiply game, surveys, contests, gift codes and a level system.
3/3BitShark.ioRegister60RollBlockchainBTCFaucet, casino games and cloud-mining investment options.
3/3BTCmaker.ioRegister60ClassicBlockchainBTCFaucet, multiply games and a level system.
3/3ChikHen.comRegister0GameBlockchainBTCChicken eggs farming simulator. Buy chickens, sell eggs for BTC.
3/3ClaimBits.ioClaim link5ClassicFaucetPayBTC-
3/3ClaimFreeCoins.ioClaim link5ClassicFaucetPayBTC-
3/3ClickFight.netRegister0GameBlockchain-ExpressCrypto-FaucetPayBTCRetro role playing game (RPG). Gain BTC when killing other players or completing daily quests.
3/3Coin-Birds.comRegister720GameBlockchainBTCFarming game. Buy chickens and sell their eggs for BTC.
3/3DiamondFaucet.spaceClaim link5ClassicFaucetPayBTC-
3/3FaucetBit.ioRegister60FaucetBlockchainBTCFaucet, multiply games, investments, interest. A great platform for BTC.
3/3Fautsy.comClaim link5ClassicFaucetPayBTC-
3/3GoBits.ioClaim link5ClassicFaucetPayBTC-
3/3GoldCoinFaucet.comClaim link60ClassicFaucetPayBTCAccount seniority bonus.
3/3i-Bits.ioClaim link5ClassicFaucetPayBTC-
3/3Keran.coClaim link60ClassicFaucetPayBTC-
3/3StarBits.ioClaim link5ClassicFaucetPayBTC-
2/3AllCoins.pwRegister6TaskBlockchain-GoGo.monsterBTCMany features, miner, offerwalls, exchange. Some pop up adds.
2/3BigBTC.winRegister5TaskFaucetPayBTCClassic faucet, shortlinks, daily bonus, jackpot.
2/3BitcoinClick_botRegister0Telegram-BotBlockchainBTCEasy to use, lots of Pay-to-Click (PTC) ads.
2/3BlockHash.spaceClaim link60ClassicClaim linkBTC-
2/3BTCclicks.comRegister0TaskBlockchainBTCWarning: Account is wiped to zero after 45 days of inactivity. Lots of pay-to-click (PTC) offers.
2/3Coin.mgClaim link5ClassicFaucetPayBTC-
2/3DogeStar.websiteClaim link0ClassicExpressCryptoBTC-
2/3DogeStar.websiteClaim link0ClassicFaucetPayBTC-
2/3Konstantinova.netClaim link1440ClassicFaucetPayBTCRated 0/3 because out of funds.
1/3Ad-Doge.comRegister5TaskExpressCrypto-FaucetPayBTCHard to navigate, lots of pop up adds.
1/3ASICbtc.ioRegister0Cloud-MiningBlockchainBTCLow income generated, minimal deposit to withdraw.
0/3Harena.spaceClaim link5ClassicFaucetPayBTCRated 0/3 because out of funds.
Low payouts, or hard to get claims with pesky ads or popups all over.
StarStar= Average payouts and ads are not blocking the claim sessions.
StarStarStar= High payouts and ads are not annoying at all. Highly recommended.


  • Cloud-Mining: Cryptocurrency mining made via remote servers on the web.
  • App: An application for mobile phones with a way to gain cryptocurrencies.
  • Game: A virtual game that rewards you with cryptocurrencies.
  • Classic: A Classic Faucet with captcha and a small gain.
  • Roll: A faucet with a lottery aspect. Similar to classic faucets.
  • Task: A platform that rewards you with a point system that you can exchange for cryptocurrencies.
  • Telegram-Bot: A script working on the Telegram application that offers you a way to gain cryptocurrencies.
Keep in mind that all the faucets listed here have passed a quality screening and are at least time profitable and usable.
TIMER value is in minutes.